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The goal of acupuncture treatment is to coax the body into healing itself by adjusting the flow of energy in the body. This is the basis of one of the major benefits of using acupuncture - the body heals itself and therefore little to no side effects occur. Acupuncture treatment can be extremely valuable in treating acute (acute musculoskeletal injuries, flus, migraines etc.) as well as chronic conditions (chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression, allergies, IBS etc.).


For the more acute conditions, generally speaking, acupuncture can alleviate the disorder within several treatments. In more chronic cases, it can take months of treatment. The goal in frequency of treatment is to always attempt to reach a point where the length of time between treatments is longer and longer and finally on an as needed basis. It is important for the patient to remember that acupuncture treatment is a cumulative type of treatment. That means that each treatment builds in strength on the last treatment. That’s why in the beginning, it may be necessary to have treatments spaced more closely together. What this also means is that it is critical especially in the beginning of treatment for the patient to not miss treatments.

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