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Soliman's Auricular Allergy Treatment (SAAT)

Allergies can temporarily be controlled or improved via acupuncture, laser, herbal remedies and other modalities but the SAAT technique is different in it's approach, hence is superior and more effect lasting.

SAAT utilizes 'Auricular Medicine' techniques to first of all determine if this is an actual allergy versus a body reaction due to illness, build up of toxins, bacteria, viruses, mold etc.

Once we determine that this is a genuine allergy, we then proceed to scan a certain area on the ear for an electro-active point.  Once this point is found, it is needled while the patient's pulse and or symptoms are observed (some patients experience symptoms improving instantly).  If the pulse and or symptoms return positive signs, then we know that we have the right point that would correct the allergic response and a complete change would result in at least 21 days. 

No matter what your body is allergic to, be it the environment, foods, pets or medications, as long as it is a true allergy it is treatable with this technique .

Please refer to the following article by Mary Ann Liebert Inc., a leading independent publisher of scientific, technical, and medical content on the SAAT technique HERE

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